Healthy Schools - Morning Movement

school children moving for exercise

What is Morning Movement?

Morning Movement is a program geared towards combating childhood obesity and physical inactivity.  The program aims to provide children 30 minutes of the recommended 60 minutes of  daily physical activity before their academic day begins.  Physical activity equips children with a better opportunity to learn in the classroom.  It positively impacts behavior and cognitive functioning. Regular physical activity provides progressive outcomes such as healthier attitudes and awareness to learn.

Morning Movement can be led by teachers, student teachers, principals, community volunteers, PTA or any other adult(s).  It can take place in a gymnasium, auxiliary room or gym, a common area or outside.  It begins with a warm up of movements that “cross the midline.”  Crossing the midline helps build pathways in the brain and is important for the development of fine motor and cognitive skills.  Following the warm-up, an organized game, fitness activity, walking or dancing is implemented.  The program can last throughout the school year and can be offered to all students or to a specific group or grade.

school children playing in gymnasium before school

Students play an organized game at Cane Creek Elementary School.

school children stretching

Students participate in yoga at Prescott South Elementary School.

Government partners

TN Department of Education
Coordinated School Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Physical Acivity

Helpful documents

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Physical Activity Guidelines Chapter 3: Active Children and Adolescents