Healthy Schools - Air Quality Flag Program

What is the School Air Quality Flag Program?

As student achievement is directly connected to health, monitoring outdoor air quality .  The Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality Flag Program matches air quality forecasts with actions to protect health. Flags that are color coded to match the air quality forecasting system are flown in a visible location to remind people about the outdoor air quality. 

This allows people who have respiratory medical conditions or other physical limitations to plan their actitivies to minimize respiratory distress or asthma attacks.

The American Lung Association has a complimentary Flag Program.  The ALA Tennessee chapter has additional educational information and resources for schools about air quality.

Students with their flags at Inglewood Elementary School.

Students with their flags at Rose Bank School.

How can our school participate?

The American Lung Association Tennessee Chapter will help sign up your school and get you started with helpful resources. 

TN Air Flags Committtee resources

The TN Air Flags Committee is part of the nonprofit Tennessee Asthma Coaltion.

Program brochure
Air Quality Flag Program brochure

Tennessee Asthma Coalition Air Flags Newsletters
winter 2020 newsletter
fall 2019 newsletter
summer 2019 newsletter


Government partners

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Division of Air Pollution Control

Environmental Protection Agency
Air Quality Flag Program
Create your own Air Quality Flag Widget

Alabama Public Health
Air Qualty Flag Program

Other partners

American Lung Association of Tennessee

Additional resources

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Add the AirNow Widget to your webpage.  Click to the Environmental Protection Agency's Air Now Website to make your own Air Quality Forecast Widget.