This solicitation is currently closed for applications.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Tennessee Strong Families grant program is to provide support to Tennessee nonprofit organizations and pregnancy centers in meeting the unique needs of the mothers, children, and families they serve.

Program priorities include the following:

·       Housing, including but not limited to transitional housing, maternity homes, and other safe housing options.

·       Gaps in services for pregnant families and their children up to two years of age, including childcare and in-state transportation to obtain services and other resources pertaining to the pregnancy or accessing care.

·       Pregnancy and accessibility challenges specific to ESL clients/patients, children in or aging out of foster care, and those in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment or recovery.


To be considered for a grant, interested applicants MUST at a minimum meet ALL of the following requirements. Applications will only be considered from applicants who meet the following requirements:

A.     Applicants must be not-for-profit organizations and must submit a copy of the organization’s current and valid not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax status determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

B.     Applicants must have a physical location or office in the State of Tennessee.

C.    Applicants must have been operating and providing direct services in TN for at least 12 months prior to their application submission date.

D.    Nonprofit organizations and pregnancy centers must provide direct services to pregnant women and families that promote a healthy pregnancy and birth. Services through this grant funding are for those experiencing a pregnancy and may continue for an additional 24 months or through the first two years of the child’s life. Services may include providing clothing, counseling, diapers, food, furniture, housing, health care, substance-use disorder treatment or recovery, postpartum recovery, shelter, and any other meaningful services, or programs throughout pregnancy and up to the first two years of the child’s life.

E.     Applicants must meet the criteria listed in section four of the solicitation. Those not able to demonstrate they meet these criteria will not be considered. 


Contracts are expected to begin no later than April 1, 2024. Applicants should prepare their contract budgets for at least three years and three months. Contracts will end on June 30, 2027. The possibility of
continuation is based on the success of the project and the availability of state funding. 

Project Support

Two grant types will be available. Click below to access the scope for each type: 

                        Supplies and Assistance Scope

                        Support Services Scope

                         Abstract (referenced in the above documents)