Educational Tools

Compliance Tool Box

Compliance Tool Box is a collection of documents and references all designed to help tank owners learn about and achieve compliance with the Tennessee Underground Storage Tank rules and regulations. Copies are mailed to all Tennessee tank owners early in each year.

Follow the directions below to download a free copy of the 2024 Compliance Tool Box.

First, download the 2024 Tank Owners Toolbox ZIP file.

  • Once the download is complete, go to the folder where you saved the zipped file and you will see a folder labeled  Double click this folder.  It will open the contents where you will see several folders and files.
  • Open to "Read First" document to view new features of the Annual UST compliance Toolbox.
  • Double click the PDF document name 2024 Annual UST Toolbox and the Toolbox will open.

Most of the forms and UST resources have been downloaded and are a part of the toolbox. That means that for the majority of items, you will not need an internet connection

There are some links on the toolbox that will only access documents on other web sites. You may only view those if your computer is connected to the Internet. Otherwise you will get a message indicating that page cannot be viewed.

Standardized Inspection Manual and Operator information Resources

The Division adopted a Standardized Inspection Process for every inspection. Please follow the link below to access the inspection manual sections, the Operator Manual and the Quick Reference Guide.

Standardized Inspection Process Materials

Other Useful Links

The Division has located several documents that describe some Best Management Practices (BMPs) or are good resources.