Nutrient Task Force Work Groups


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The Tennessee Nutrient Reduction Task Force builds upon existing programs to enhance nutrient management while promoting increased collaboration, innovation, and research among the private sector, academia, non-profit sector, wastewater agencies, and state and local governments. The Task Force contains four interdisciplinary work groups. Please see below for more information on the different work groups.

  • Identify type and level of nutrient reductions necessary to achieve TN goals short, medium, and long-term goals and metrics by sector
  • Identify short, medium, and long-term goals and metrics for overall nutrient reduction in TN and translate Gulf Hypoxia Improvement goals to TN state level
  • Identify ways to track progress overall and in each sector
  • Look at other states and identify best practices (benchmarking)
  • Identify existing data and monitoring programs
  • Identify Quality Assurance Project Plans in use
  • Identify data and monitoring program gaps
  • Propose monitoring programs to fill the gaps
  • Develop Quality Assurance Project Plans for the collection of high-quality data

  • With the understanding of cost/benefit of applicable BMPs recommend most effective BMPs from each sector for implementation
  • With the understanding of cost/benefit identify workable implementation strategies for TN and consider impacts of strategies on various stakeholders/sector groups
  • Identify research needs and pilot opportunities for each source sector
  • Highlight successes and lessons learned
  • Plan for the challenges and develop strategies for overcoming the challenges
  • Develop content, compile case studies and success stories to publish on the website
  • Draft implementation reports (annually) and content for Story Maps
  • Develop educational and engagement messaging for stakeholders
  • Conduct outreach to promote and assist in implementation of best practices, pilot projects, and innovative efforts

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