Waste Tire Task Force

A Waste Tire Task Force comprised of members recommended by professionals in Tennessee tire management programs and selected by the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation met to review the existing waste tire program and make recommendations for change. Consideration of changes would include initiatives to improve efficiency and ensure the intent of the Solid Waste Management Act.

On October 1-2, the task force and stakeholders group reviewed the existing Waste Tire Program and developed alternatives for changes to the program.

Presentations of the existing Waste Tire Program were given by state representatives, county mayors, local tire programs, as well as members of the stakeholders group. Five work groups were established among the members and stakeholders and focused their discussions on the following topics:

  • Group A and Group A1 - Money/Financial
  • Group B - Receiving and Disposal of Tires
  • Group C - Paperwork, Reporting and Manifesting
  • Group D - Private Market Sector Alternatives

The second Waste Tire Task Force Meeting was held November 4, 2009 at Montgomery Bell State Park. The Task Force discussed in detail two proposals that were prepared by TDEC staff based upon alternatives presented by members and stakeholders at the October meetings. Modifications were made to both proposals to clarify intent. Members and stakeholders were then queried, voted on the two proposals, and some volunteered to be "leaders" for advancement of legislative initiatives resulting from these meetings. The market driven approach received the majority vote, however, unanimity was not reached. TDEC’s Deputy Commissioner Paul Sloan, stated without unanimous consent for the market driven approach, the individuals who had designated themselves as leaders would meet in December for further discussion on how all interested parties could come together for legislation to be presented in 2010.

On December 9, 2009, the Waste Tire Taskforce leaders met to further discuss the market driven approach and the legislative changes that would be required. The group agreed that draft legislation should be prepared for consideration by the taskforce members, stakeholders, and interested parties.

The summary of this meeting provides more details of the discussions.

In conclusion, it was determined that the General Assembly would not be supportive of the proposed new fees to include the sale of used tires and regulations for scrap tire haulers and scrap tire processors as proposed in the market driven approach and no further action was taken by the Task Force. Therefore, TDEC is pursuing changes to improve the waste tire program not requiring legislative action as summarized in the Modifications to the Existing System, discussed and developed at the October 2009 Waste Tire Task Force meeting.

For more information about the Waste Tire Task Force, please contact Amy Katcher by email or at 423-377-3373.

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