Clinch Scenic River

The Clinch River rises in Southwest Virginia near Tazewell, Virginia and flows nearly 300 miles southwest through the Great Appalachian Valley, gathering various tributaries including the Powell River before joining the Tennessee River in East Tennessee. Before being dammed, the Clinch River was a major producer of freshwater mussels and pearls. A section of the lower Clinch River near Knoxville, Tennessee is designated a scenic river and provides recreational paddling opportunities along the proposed Pellissippi Blueway.

Roane, Anderson & Knox Counties

Class III Partially Developed River Area river from Melton Hill Dam upstream to the Pellissippi Parkway (see Acts, 1996, ch. 1064, § 1). Designated in 1996.

Located between two major TVA dams in East Tennessee.


Melton Hill Dam Recreation Area
2009 Grubb Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771