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Site File Services  

Site File Hours: 8:30am - 4pm CST (hours may vary depending on staff availability)

The Archaeological Site File 
One of the primary functions of the Tennessee Division of Archaeology (TDOA) is to maintain records of all archaeological sites recorded in the state. As of 2019, there are nearly 27,000 prehistoric and historic sites in our database. The Site File Curators manage this archive, making information available as needed and adding to it as new discoveries are made. 

Qualified archaeologists may make an appointment to come to our offices in Nashville to perform site file research. When you make the appointment, we ask that you provide us with a topographic map marked with your specific geographic area of interest and, if you have not been to our offices before, a current resume or curriculum vitae for our files. We are typically available for appointments Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Map Checks 
For information about whether there is a recorded site in a particular area, we can provide a brief map check via email or phone call. If you are an engineer, planner, land manager, or landowner we can tell you whether there are known archaeological sites in your specific area of interest.  Performing map checks during the project planning process and prior to any ground disturbing activities can help to avoid the destruction of significant archaeological resources, prevent disturbance of human remains, and help to avoid unexpected delays during project construction. Keep in mind that much of the state has not been surveyed for archaeological resources; therefore project areas may contain as-yet-unidentified archaeological resources. In addition, please note that map checks are not a substitute for a full archaeological background research study.

Due to the high volume of requests, we no longer provide map checks for planned cell tower locations. Please contact us to make an appointment to do site file research.

Reporting Archaeological Sites
Landowners or interested members of the public can report archaeological sites by contacting us by phone or email.

Professional archaeologists should contact us for the most current version of the site form and, if needed, request a preliminary review to determine whether a site number is warranted. Please note that we do not assign site numbers to domestic historic sites that lack convincing evidence of pre-1950 occupation.

To update previously recorded site records, please email us with a brief narrative describing your survey, including any changes to cultural affiliation, site boundary, eligibility recommendation, date of investigation, and anticipated report title and author.

Contact Information 

For more information or to inquire about any of the site file services listed above, please email or call one of our Site File Curators: 

  • Paige Silcox:    615-687-4784
  • Satin Platt:        615-687-4777

Federal Programs Review

The TDOA provides archaeological review and compliance services to the Tennessee State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) through a contract with the Tennessee Historical Commission. Questions regarding Section 106 review may be addressed to the Federal Programs Archaeologist Jennifer Barnett, at 615-687-4780 or by email at Additional information and resources regarding Section 106 review are available at the Tennessee Historical Commission website.

Archaeological Permits

The TDOA is responsible for issuing permits for archaeological work to be conducted on State lands.  Archaeologists must receive a permit from the TDOA before beginning any archaeological investigations on State lands.  For more information about State Archaeological Permits click here

Archaeological Assistance 

The Division offers information and guidance to a wide variety of entities seeking archaeological assistance. These entities include governmental agencies, private consultants, law enforcement, academics, avocational archaeologists, and the general public. Public outreach opportunities, such as school presentations, are accommodated as Division staff schedules allow.

Archaeological Site Concerns 
The Division of Archaeology often receives calls from citizens concerned about the potential destruction of archaeological sites by ongoing and proposed development projects. The Division can provide general information regarding the archaeological background of the project area, guidance to developers and/or local planning agencies as appropriate.  There is no state law that requires private landowners to avoid disturbing archaeological sites, even if known sites are present on their property.

Human Remains and Burials 
The TDOA often receives and responds to reports of disturbed human remains.  Please see the page Human Remains and Burials for information and guidance. 

Archaeological Consultants

List of archaeological consultants who work in Tennessee. 

Human Remains and Burials

Information about the laws and regulations concerning historic cemeteries in TN. 

State Archaeological Permit

Link to information about State Archaeological permits.

State Archaeology Laws

Tennessee laws related to archaeology and archaeological sites. 

Cemetery Laws

Tennessee laws related to cemeteries and burial removals. 

Tennessee THPO Standards and Guidelines for Archaeological Studies

The standards and guidelines for the Tennessee State Historic Preservation Office.