Family Stories: Adoption Awareness Month 2016

What is being a Foster and/or Adoptive Parent Really Like?

Forget what you think you know about being a foster parent or adoptive parent. 

Read these quotes submitted by Tennesseans who have adopted children who have been in foster care for a better glimpse of the reality. 

As mom Holly Hardee describes it:

"We are a loud and crazy party of  6 --  5  kids so close in age make for a fun-filled time most days and never a dull moment wherever we are. We love to eat, we love to travel and we love each other unconditionally always!

These ARE your kids. The minute they are placed in your arms, or stand by your side, that is YOUR child. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different! You don't have to own a mansion, you don't have to be a millionaire, you can be a foster can adopt. You can make your family complete. You just need love....lots of love!"

During Adoption Awareness Month 2016, DCS has published stories by Tennesseans who have adopted children who have been in foster care.

More than 300 children are in full guardianship of the state of Tennessee and  in need of a forever home. There also are nearly 8,000 children in foster care who need safe and loving people who can support them and their families heal and attain permanency.

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To learn more about adopting a child who is in full guardianship of the state of Tennessee, please visit this How to Adopt page.