Victim Services FAQs

How do I get notified of court appearances or appeals once my offender is incarcerated?

The Office of the District Attorney General in the judicial district where the offender was prosecuted or the Office of the Attorney General should inform you of judicial and post-judicial proceedings relating to your case. Please follow the link for the Office of the Attorney General to make sure you are registered with them.

What should I do if I am receiving unwanted contact from the offender?

You should call TDOC Victim Services at the phone number provided below as soon as possible.

How much notice will I get before the offender is released from prison?

When an offender's sentence is expiring, you will receive notice from 60-90 days before release. At the time of an offender's release, the institution will send you notification that the offender has been released.

If an offender is released as the result of a parole hearing, the Board of Parole will send out release letters once the place of employment and living plans are approved.

My offender received a felony conviction with a two-year sentence (or less). Can I still register for notification?

Yes. When you register for notification, you will only receive notice from the prison or jail when the offender is released. It is very unlikely that the offender will serve the entire two-year period. The offender does not have to appear before the parole board and convince them he or she deserved to be released, but rather is automatically released from prison onto probation.

How do I update my address if I move?

Contact TDOC Victim Services at the address, telephone number, fax, or email address provided below.

How do I contact the Department of Correction Victim Services staff?

Victim Services Division
320 6th Avenue North
Rachel Jackson Building, 5th Floor

Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0465

Phone: (615) 253-8145 or (615) 253-8128