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Required Work Searches

A requirement to remain elegible for unemployment benefits.

Claimants are required to make at least three searches for work each week while drawing unemployment insurance. We have plenty of resources available at your fingertips to help with the work search.


Your New Unemployment and Re-Employment Portal
As Unemployment has moved to Jobs4TN, when you sign in, work-searches conducted within your account will now auto-populate into the weekly certification. Keep in mind you still need at least three search attempts to satisfy this requirement.

Searching for Work

Start searching for work immediately after filing your unemployment application. Explore many of the available resources to you in our Job Search section.

Reasonable effort must be made to secure work unless you are returning to your employer in the near future, normally get work through a union, or are enrolled in approved training.

What Counts as a Work Search?

Failure To Comply

Benefits can be stopped if you are not in compliance. Failure to make three valid work searches each week and documenting work searches on Jobs4TN can disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits. Providing false work search information could result in losing benefits for eight weeks.