Throughout the 17 week training, recruits will participate in classes on the following subjects:

If selected and preferred qualifications are met to attend the lateral training class, you must attend the 11 weeks of military style training at the Training Center.

  • Commercial Vehicle Training
  • Weapons Training
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation
  • Defensive Tactics and Ground Fighting
  • Criminal and Constitutional Law and Procedure
  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Emergency Medical and CPR Training
  • 250 Hours of Patrol Procedures
  • Professional and Ethical Conduct
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Workplace and Sexual Harassment
  • Diversity Training

Physical Requirements

Recruits will be provided with detailed physical requirements when they initially report to the Department of Safety Training Center for their Physical Assessment. The Tennessee Highway Patrol employs the Cooper Standards for Law Enforcement as well as a job task oriented challenge course as the physical standards [New recruits during physical training.] for all recruits.

Cooper Standards Include:

  • One-Minute Sit Ups - 37 repetitions
  • One-Minute Push Ups - 35 repetitions
  • 1.5 Mile Run - 13:58 or less