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Vital Records Information System Management (VRISM)

Due to the public health state of emergency surrounding COVID-19, we have suspended Vital Records walk-in services at the State Office of Vital Records until further notice. 


We are continuing to process certified copy requests, changes and corrections via mail.  You also may request certified copies of vital records online using our approved third party vendor VitalChek or visit your local county office for birth and death records.  It is strongly recommended that you call first, before visiting your county office. 

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The VRISM project allows for electronic communication between the Tennessee Office of Vital Records and those partners who help register vital events that occur in Tennessee, such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce.

This web-based system significantly reduces the time between the occurrence and registration of vital events, allowing for greater efficiency and greater ease of access for the public we serve.



Each user must register to be able to access the system.
Please click on the button below to register.

To get to the VRISM login page, please click the button below.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the registration of birth records, such as
demographic information, legal name requirements, rejected records, and more, contact:
Registration Unit
(615) 645-1117

For questions regarding VRISM technical support, such as signing in, resetting
security information, and new user registration, contact:
VRISM Help Desk
(855) 874-7686 •

Birth Clerks and Midwives

EBRS Guide for Birth Clerks and Midwives
Birth registration Web training Video

Frequently Asked Questions       

  •  We have a new employee in our office.  Can I just let them use my account to log into the system?
                        No, please have them complete a VRISM Access User Request & Agreement by clicking here.                     Once they have been registered, an email will be sent to their email address with their login                     information.        
  • How long do I have to file the record with the State?
                         All documentation must be mailed within five days of the birth in order to complete the registration
                         in accordance with TCA §§ 63-3-301.  If documentation needs to be adjusted, it will be mailed back                     to you and should be returned to the OVR within two days.       
  •  Where should the VAoP be mailed?
                        The VAoP should be mailed to:

Office of Vital Records
Attn: Birth Registration
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower, 1st Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Information for Medical Certifiers (Death Certificates)

EDRS Guide for Medical Certifiers
EDRS Guide for Delayed Diagnosis of Death
Medical Certifier User Training Video
Rules and Laws for Death Certificates (from the office of the Chief ME)
Requirements for Manner and Cause of Death (from the office of the Chief ME)
 VRISM – Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Manual

Frequently Asked Questions        

  • What do I have to fill out?
                        Medical Certifiers are responsible for Tabs 7-11.  A Medical certifier must be an MD or DO with a
                        valid license to practice in Tennessee (with the exceptions of a physician employed at a VA                     hospital).
  • Who can certify a record with a non-natural manner of death?
                        Only a Medical Examiner may certify a death certificate with a non-natural manner.  For more
                        information on this, please review the "Requirements for Manner and Cause of Death"
                        document in this section.
  •  I don't know the date or time of the patients death, what should I enter?
                         If the date or time is unknown, enter the numerical information as 99/99/9999 or 99:99
  •  How do I certify a record?
                        After keying information on Tabs 7-9 and verifying your pre-populated information on tab 10, click
                        "Finish" at the bottom of the screen.  You will be directed to the VRISM Warning Screen. On this
                        page, ensure there is no missing data from the record, which would be shown as a link under an
                        "Attn: Medical Certifier" heading.  If all the information has been keyed, you will see only the
                        "Attn: Releasing case to the state" heading. Click "Save as Pending" and then click "Return to Record"
                         on the subsequent screen

                    Review your information and navigate to Tab 11. Check the box in the lower left side of the screen
                    that reads "Check when ready to certify" and then click the "Certify" button.  Then Click "Finish" and
                    "Save as Pending."  The record should be off your queue after the certification.

Information for Funeral Homes

EDRS Guide for Funeral Homes
Funeral Home Training Video
 EDRS Funeral Directors Guide to Printing and Searching Records in VRISM
VRISM – Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I have to fill out?
    Funeral homes are responsible for Tabs 1-6, assignment, and releasing on Tab 11.  Tabs 1-6 cover the
                        demographic information of the decedent, and Tab 11 is where you may assign the record to a
                        physician and release the record to the state after it is certified.        
  • I don't know the date or time of the patients death, what should I enter?
    If the date or time is unknown, enter the numerical information as 99/99/9999 or 99:99
  • Why can't I release the record?
    There are two reasons why you may not be able to release a record:
                            1. Records may only be released by a Funeral Director.  If you are not a Funeral Director, please
                                have one at your location log in to release the record.
                            2. There may be missing information. To determine if this is the case, open the record and click
                                "Finish" at the bottom of Tab 11. You will be directed to the VRISM Warning Screen. Ensure
                                there is no missing data form the record, which would be shown as a link under an
                                "Attn: Funeral Director or Person Acting as Such" or "Attn: Medical Certifier" heading.

This web page will serve as a source of information for the public about the progress of the VRISM project.

  • As of April 2017, VRISM Issuance enabled local health departments to issue birth and death certificates state-wide (with the exception of satellite offices).
  • The VRISM Electronic Death Registration System is fully operational as of September 2017.
  • VRISM Electronic Death Registration became mandatory in July 2018, and we currently register over 99% of the state's death certificates fully electronic.
  • VRISM Electronic Birth Registration launched in June 2019, and is currently being utilized at all birthing facilities in Tennessee.
  • Electronic Marriage and Divorce Registration is currently being developed, with a tentative launch date planned for the summer of 2020.