Reporting Lost or Stolen Equipment

If equipment, or a “tagged asset”, is believed to have been stolen, it is necessary to obtain a police report and notify the Comptroller's Office. This is based on the following TCA:

8-19-501. Reporting unlawful or unauthorized taking or abuse of public money, property or services—Method of making reports.—

(a) Any official of any agency of the state having knowledge that a theft, forgery, credit card fraud, or any other act of unlawful or unauthorized taking, or abuse of, public money, property, or services, or other shortages of public funds has occurred shall report the information immediately to the office of the comptroller of the treasury.

(b) The comptroller of the treasury shall have the power to prescribe the method of making the reports.

[Acts 1963, ch. 88, § 1; T.C.A., § 8-1954; Acts 2010, ch. 784, § 4.]

In addition, any tagged asset reported lost or stolen must be reported to our office so that it can be removed from the State inventory listing. Please see the document provided in the attached link for items which should be tagged