Tennessee Tank Helper

Tennessee Tank Helper has been updated! The old site was launched over 10 years ago.                                                       We have tried to take your comments and suggestions from over the years and incorporate them into the new application. 

Tennessee Tank Helper (Online Training) Link

Frequently asked questions and new features:

·                     Emails will be used to login instead of a username.

·                     The application is still free to use!

·                     You must create new account, even if you were registered in the old application. 

ü  The data from your old account can be brought over.

ü  You will not lose your trainings or designations.

ü  Owners will have to relink to their owner accounts.

·                     Emails must be valid!

·                     Multiple people can no longer have the same email and emails are validated as well as  signons.

Ø  These new security procedures were implemented

by the state that help to stop hackers from gaining

access to state systems.  It will be required by all future

state application.

·                     If you are a representative for multiple owners you can now combine your accounts into one and manage them in the same place.

·                     Compliance plans are more accurate and have the ability to add compliance schedules with reminders for future testing.

·                     Training modules have been updated to include a preliminary exam and the addition of upcoming rule changes.

·                     Preliminary exam will allow you to skip the module training only if you are an experienced operator.

·                     There will be a direct link to the online notification system for easy facility updates (Coming Soon).

·                     Don’t forget to change any bookmarks you might have to the old application.


·                     Although we tried very hard to anticipate all scenarios and minimize issues with the application it is new and their maybe some things we missed.  If you find one of these issues please report it to us and we appreciate your patience while we get it fixed. 


Please follow the registration steps below:

·                     Select the “Register” button

·                     Enter your email and required information

·                     Confirm your email with confirmation link

·                     Complete the account set up

·                     You will be ask to login after your account has been verified

o        It will require a text or email verification code.


Due to the volume of calls anticipated with this new application, it may be a while before we can assist everyone.  Please attempt to create you new account before you call.


If you still have any questions or need help in setting up your new account, please call or email

  1. Travis Treece
        (615) 517-8098 

Owners of Tanks in Other States

You will need to register as an operator to take the training and print  certificates. If your state has specific instructions below please print them out and save for your records.

Hazardous Substance UST System Operators

Click here for further instructions, before going to the Tennessee Tank Helper Website. This section addresses a federal rule for a specialized category of tanks that does not apply to or need to be reviewed by operators of petroleum USTs at traditional gas station sites.


Anyone is welcome to login, register as an operator and view training materials. (Permission from The Division is not needed)

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