Financial Information

The Tennessee Emergency Communications Board’s financial data includes financial reports (year-to-date and prior fiscal year), budgets (current and proposed for next fiscal year), and reports of all activities from prior fiscal years.

The Tennessee Emergency Communications Board adopts a proposed budget, which is included in the proposed budget of the Department of Commerce and Insurance and included as a component of the State of Tennessee Appropriations Bills.

Prior to each board meeting, the staff compiles a report of the board’s expenditures by item and revenue by source, with the most recent report posted and prominently displayed on the board’s web site each quarter. 

Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 7-86-130, any 911 surcharge revenue collected in excess of the annual fiscal requirements of the board and the mandatory payments to emergency communications districts do not revert to the general fund. The board distributes a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of any revenue collected in excess of its annual fiscal requirements to the emergency communications districts in accordance with policies adopted by the board.