Resolution Center Contact Information

Report Outages, Misroutes and Troubles

Please report all 911 service issues related to the 911 Network or AT&T maintained CPE to the AT&T 911 Resolution Center (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 800-553-2811.

Non-911 service issues (radio circuits, ring down circuits, administrative lines, PRIs) should be reported to AT&T via the Express Ticketing website Please have your circuit ID ready.

TROUBLE REPORTING TIPS/IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Trouble issues should not be reported to the 911 Service Executive via phone call, text message, or e-mail. All trouble tickets should be opened through the 911 Resolution Center for proper tracking and timely resolution.

Trouble may be reported to the AT&T 911 Resolution Center by the PSAP, the PSAP vendor, or 911 Authority. If a vendor is reporting trouble, please be aware that some trouble tickets requiring dispatch are billable; your vendor may be asked to authorize dispatch charges on behalf of your PSAP. AT&T is unable to bill any agency outside the PSAP for trouble tickets.
When reporting trouble, please try to be as specific as possible: Provide dates/times of specific trouble calls as well as ANI. Include trunk numbers or circuit IDs for network trouble and issue being reported (examples: unable to transfer, cannot hear caller/cannot be heard, noise and static online).
For CPE troubles, please be sure to note if issue is happening at one position or multiple positions as well as the issue being reported.
Escalations for trouble tickets should begin with the 911 Resolution Center personnel.
If you are unsatisfied with the 911 Resolution Center response, please engage your assigned 911 Service Executive.