Housing and Life Skills for Young Adults

Emerging Adults Program for Youth Leaving Foster Care or Mental Health Residential Treatment

The Emerging Adults program is a strengths-based program to support young adults, ages 18-25, who have mental illness or a co-occurring disorder, as they transition to adulthood.  

The Emerging Adults program, operated by Park Center, is comprised of two components: Emerging Adults Housing and Emerge. Emerging Adults Housing provides quality, affordable and safe supportive housing with individualized support services for young adults who have been either in foster care or in treatment for mental illness or a co-occurring substance use disorder, and have very low income. As young adults demonstrate their ability to live more independently, the program assists in their transition to more independent community living.

Emerge is a life skills program for young adults living with mental illness and/or serious emotional disturbances and/or co-occurring substance use disorders. The Emerge program educates young adults on mental health, substance use disorders, and life skills. Group topics include coping skills, medication education, financial management, nutrition, personal grooming and hygiene, relationship building, and more. While in the Emerge program, young adults actively work toward employment and education goals. Daily community outings may include visiting museums, parks, and community centers and involve activities like playing sports and performing music.

For more information and eligibility criteria, visit: https://parkcenternashville.org/services/emerging-adults-services/

Julia Barlar, Director of Clinical Services
Phone: 615-242-3576, ext. 600
Fax: 615-228-4344
Email: julia.barlar@parkcenternashville.org

Daniela C. Taylor B.S, CPRP, PSR Program Supervisor
Phone: 615-242-3576 Ext. 204
Email: daniela.taylor@parkcenternashville.org

Danielle Jackson, MEd, CPRP, Director of Supported Housing
Cell: 615-582-1319
Office: 615-242-3576, ext. 427
Fax: 615-226-5783
Email: danielle.jackson@parkcenternashville.org

Deborah Ward, Emerging Adults Housing Supervisor
Phone: (615) 242-3576, ext. 601
Fax: (615) 228-4344
Email: deborah.ward@parkcenternashville.org