HCA Stands Ready to Hire Veterans in October

Monday, September 22, 2014 | 12:43pm

Avery King, lead veteran recruiter and information technology and services recruiter for Hospital Corporation of America, is enthusiastic about his company’s involvement in Paychecks for Patriots, the statewide hiring event for military veterans to take place Thursday, October 9.

HCA has a solid veteran employee population and actively recruits veterans to join the company. Paychecks for Patriots is a chance for veterans to personally talk to HCA and other employers about the kinds of positions they’re seeking.

King said last year HCA brought more than 2,000 veterans on board. The corporation has found veterans learn quickly, have exceptional leadership skills, and are great team members. With their military background they’ve learned the value of following processes.

HCA is the largest private provider of health care in the United States with more than 160 hospitals in 20 states along with more than 100 freestanding surgical clinics. King said veterans typically do not think about health care as being an option for them unless they have clinical experience; however, HCA has additional opportunities in fields such as finance, administrative, and information technology.

Tennessee was the first state to hold Paychecks for Patriots. The event has subsequently been taken to Florida and Georgia on the strength of Tennessee’s accomplishment.

This will make the third year that HCA has taken part in Paychecks for Patriots. HCA has also worked with Paychecks for Patriots in Georgia and Florida, as the company has facilities in both those states. King feels other states’ adopting the Paychecks for Patriots model is a tremendous endorsement for the event’s success.

“We at HCA are again looking forward to meeting veterans face-to-face at this year’s Paychecks for Patriots event,” said King. “We will have the chance to talk to them about the opportunities we have and to also find out what their desires and skill sets are – and we can match those with our openings.” He said he strongly encourages veterans to attend the event along with employers looking for great employees.

To learn more about Paychecks for Patriots, including locations across the state, please visit the TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development website for the event at https://www.tn.gov/workforce/jobs-and-education/services-by-group/services-by-group-redirect/job-placement-for-veterans/paychecks-for-patriots.html

Avery King, lead veteran recruiter and information technology and services recruiter for Hospital Corporation of America

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