Legendary Nashville Guitar Producer Joins Paychecks for Patriots Veteran Hiring Event

Friday, October 03, 2014 | 12:36pm

NASHVILLE- Gibson Guitar President Dave Berryman wants to help get the word out to veterans that employers have great employment opportunities for them as they return to Tennessee. Berryman is eagerly looking forward to Paychecks for Patriots, the hiring event for veterans initiated by Dollar General Corporation in 2012 to take place this year on October 9.

“We want to support the fine men and women who’ve served our country so well,” said Berryman. “This is the first year for Gibson to take part in Paychecks for Patriots, and I’m hoping we can use it as an annual recruiting event.”

Berryman said hiring veterans is also important to Gibson because veterans have great skills. The company is looking for people who can work in a team environment, are able to learn, and have leadership potential.

“We’re looking for manufacturing people in all facets of making our instruments. We’re looking for warehouse and distribution people. Really, we have many job positions open – factory floor, quality control – you name it. We’re looking for great people,” Berryman said.

Gibson Guitar is joining more than 170 employers statewide who are offering a variety of jobs to veterans at Paychecks for Patriots on Thursday, October 9. The hiring events will be held at 10 locations across the state.

Berryman sees these events targeting veterans as a means for employers to collectively develop the workforce pool in Tennessee with candidates recognized for being self-starters and who are disciplined, have a strong work ethic, and can be trained as leaders – all qualities that employers are looking for.

Gibson is a 120-year-old brand, based in Nashville for more than 30 years. The company’s employees are passionate about what they do. “We’re looking for people who want to share that passion with us. Working at Gibson is a unique opportunity. We want to build it with people who love what we do . . . making great products in the U.S.A., particularly in Nashville.”

Gibson will be giving away a guitar to one lucky veteran at the Nashville Paychecks for Patriots. To qualify, apply for a job at Gibson’s booth. This chance to win is available only to veterans at the Nashville event.

To learn more about Paychecks for Patriots that is taking place Thursday, October 9, including locations across the state, please visit the TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development website for the event at https://www.tn.gov/workforce/jobs-and-education/services-by-group/services-by-group-redirect/job-placement-for-veterans/paychecks-for-patriots.html