October Quarter Change May Impact Some Unemployment Claimants

Friday, October 02, 2020 | 12:16pm

On Oct. 4, 2020, the calendar used to determine unemployment benefits will start a new quarter.

This could impact many unemployment claims.

The system will not allow claimants who need to refile to complete their weekly certification. If the system allows a claimant to complete their weekly certification, the quarter change did not affect their claim.

Why Does the Quarter Change Impact My Unemployment Benefits?

Some claimants may be required to refile to establish whether they are eligible for state unemployment benefits after the quarter change. Federal unemployment benefits are intended for someone who does not qualify or has exhausted regular state unemployment.

Every state is required to do this per USDOL guidance.

How do I Refile my Claim?


Claimants who receive a message explaining they need to file a new claim will find a link within that message that will take them to the page where they can refile. They can also select “Start an Unemployment Claim” from their dashboard on Jobs4TN.gov.

If the system allows a claimant to certify for the week, the quarter change did not impact their claim, therefore they do not need to refile.

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