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Claims for money damages against the State of Tennessee that involve the Department of Transportation are covered by the Tennessee Claims Commission Act found in Title 9, Chapter 8, Parts 3 and 4, of the Tennessee Code Annotated. The first step in making such a claim is to give written notice of the claim to the Tennessee Department of Treasury (see T.C.A. Section 9-8-402). To file a claim, visit

  • If your claim is based on dangerous conditions on state maintained highways (e.g., potholes or objects in the road, you will be required to prove your claim, by providing the following:
    Proof of the incident directly causing the allged damage;
    The exact location where the incident occurred and records of your repairs;
    Evidence that the state was aware of the dangerous road condition prior to your incident; and
    Evidence that the state could have repaired the dangerous road condition prior to your incident and neglected to do so.

For more information on filing a claim or questions regarding the status of a claim that has already been filed, contact the Division of Claims Administration at (615) 741-2734 or visit the Tennessee Department of Treasury website.