Region 1 (Knoxville) SmartWay

The Region 1 Traffic Management Center (TMC) that monitors traffic operations and communications is located in Knoxville in east Tennessee. The Region 1 TMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the following equipment and resources.

TMC Operators 20  
HELP Operators 14  
HELP Vehicles    
IT Technicians    
Interstate Miles (SmartWay) 86  
Interstate Miles (HELP Routes) 52  
CCTV Cameras 111  
Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) 31  
Radar Detection Sensors (RDS) 118  
Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) Transmitters 20  
HAR Signs w/ Beacons 33  
Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS) 5  
Wall Monitors 24  
OVDS 6  

updated: 2/28/2024