December 8, 2017 Letting

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Apparent Bid Results

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The bidding on CNR 273 Wilson Co. and CNR 274 Robertson Co. has been postponed to Friday December 15, 2017.  See letters below.

CNR273 Wilson  County and CN274 Roberston County official Bid FIles on Bid Express

Addendum 4 CNR 273

Addendum 2 CNR 274

Notice to Contractors - Published 11/9/17

Supplemental Notice to Contractors - Published 11/17/17

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The pre-bid meeting for CNR 279 was held on October 26, 2017.

Sign In Sheet

Meeting Minutes

Contractors approved for bidding on CNR279 are listed below:

Bell & Associates Construction, L.P.

Charles Blalock & Sons, Inc.

Dement Construction Company, LLC

Haydon Bridge Company, Inc. / Hinkle Construction Services, LLC

Jensen Construction Company

Jones Bros. Contractors , LLC

Massman Construction Co.

Simpson Construction Company

Superior Construction Company, Southeast LLC

The Geotechnical Report, Foundation Report, Existing Bridge Report, boring logs and core photos for CNR 279 have been added to the link with the Plans below.

The original bridge report should address any questions with the abutments, but it should not be consulted for the shafts since design standards have changed since it was written.

The following plans are for Information Only. 

CNR 252 Shelby Co. PIN 101608.02

CNR 279 Montgomery Co. PIN 101463.05

CNR 273 Wilson Co. PIN 100281.02 and 100281.03

CNR 321 Wilson Co. PIN 103203.02