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Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Many different maintenance activities are performed through low bid competitive contracts.  The Asset Management Division currently contracts approximately 40 percent of the maintenance work to be completed each year.  Activities that are under contract include mowing, sweeping, litter pickup, guardrail repair, sign refurbishing, vegetation removal, fence repair, and pavement crack sealing.

Maintenance contracts are advertised throughout the yearly construction letting cycle. Mowing and litter contracts are typically advertised in a November letting each year.  Information regarding the letting of maintenance contracts can be found on the Construction Division website.

Contracting maintenance activities provides TDOT the means to meet increasing infrastructure maintenance requirements with limited in-house maintenance forces.  Maintenance contracts are generally awarded to contracting companies who specialize in a particular type of maintenance activity.   If you need information about these types of contracts, contact the Asset Management Division Contracts Office at 615-253-2899.