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TDFI Credit Union

TDFI Credit Union 

The Credit Union Division is responsible for the supervision and examination of state-chartered natural-person and corporate credit unions.  Credit union examiners perform safety and soundness examinations for each state-chartered credit union and Volunteer Corporate Credit Union to determine compliance with governing laws and regulations.  Evaluations of each credit union’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses are performed to assess the solvency of the institution.  They also perform investigations as a result of complaints filed with the Department’s Consumer Resources Section.

The Credit Union Division remains accredited by the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS).  Additionally, eligible division examiners and supervisors have met comprehensive criteria for NASCUS examination certifications.  This certification program provides recognition to superior state credit union examiners and encourages continued professional development through the certification’s required continuing education hours.

The primary responsibility of the Credit Union Division is to provide the people of Tennessee with a safe and sound system of credit unions by ensuring compliance with governing law, while giving institutions the opportunity to contribute to the economic progress of Tennessee.