Consumer Complaint

If you have an issue with a financial institution, first, you should try to resolve the issue with the financial institution. If you have attempted to work with the institution but need more assistance, you can file a complaint with the department. Here are the ways to file a complaint with TDFI:

  1. Register the complaint online at  (Important: The online consumer complaint form will time the user out, if the online submission is not completed within approximately 10 minutes. If you have a lengthy narrative to describe the allegations, it's suggested to prepare that in another format that can be sent via our secure Upload Center as referenced below.)
  2. If you need to furnish supporting documentation to coincide with a recently submitted complaint, or else you are an institution which needs to submit a response to a consumer complaint, please send this documentation using this link:  Please do not submit any information that may be considered confidential or if it contains personal identifying information via email. Should you encounter a problem attempting to send such information via the Upload Center, please contact us at 800-778-4215 or mail directly to the address shown below in Item 6.
  3. Call 1-800-778-4215 to receive a consumer complaint form
  4.  Consumer Complaint Form  (PDF version of complaint form)
  5. Request a form via e-mail at
  6. Mail a completed consumer complaint form to:
    Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
    Tennessee Tower 
    ​312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
    Nashville, TN 37243

Once the complaint is completed and sent to the department, the complaint will be assigned to a Consumer Resources Examiner to review. If more information is needed, the assigned examiner will contact the complainant. In most cases, the complaint and supporting documentation will be sent to the financial institution or licensee; however, there may be situations where a different course of action is taken.  If the complaint is sent to an institution, the institution will be asked to provide a written response to the department. Once the institution's response is reviewed by the Consumer Resources Examiner, the Department will respond to the complainant.

Please note that the department cannot act as a court of law or as an attorney on the complainant's behalf, provide legal advice, or become actively involved in complaints that are in litigation or have been resolved by the court system.