TDFI Bank & Trust

The Bank Division has legal responsibility for ensuring that the Tennessee state-chartered banking system runs on a safe and sound basis. The division’s risk-focused approach seeks to achieve the Department’s mission of balancing safety and soundness with affording institutions the opportunity  to contribute to economic development. In its supervisory role, the Bank Division periodically examines the financial soundness of all state-chartered banks, savings banks and independent non-depository trust companies.

Bank examiners perform evaluations of each institution’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses; monitor compliance with governing laws and regulations; and rate the effectiveness of the institution’s management.  The adequacy of capital is assessed to ensure the protection of depositors.  In addition, examiners review the Information Technology (IT) functions of state-chartered   institutions  for  compliance  with  generally  accepted   IT practices and adherence to Departmental regulations.

Bank Division staff also examines Business and Industrial Development Companies (BIDCOs) for compliance with governing statutes and evaluates applications for new institutions, branches, expanded financial activities and corporate reorganizations.  

The Bank Division is accredited by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.