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TCI Jail Issues Conference 2021 Agenda


REGISTER NOW for the 2021 TCI Jail Issues Conference to be located at the Park Vista Hotel, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, from September 20-24, 2021! Register on FTACS here

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*TCI CLASSES ARE CANCELLED THROUGH FEBRUARY 27, 2021 based on the TN Governor's Executive Order No. 73*

We are actively working on rescheduling TCI classes for make-up opportunities, this information will be updated as it is coordinated.

Training Class Update:  (07/28/2020)
Prior to sending any officer to a site for Basic or In-Service Training, agencies should ensure that no officer assigned to the training course is in the process of awaiting test results for COVID-19 or be highly suspected of being exposed to the virus. Additionally, If an Officer has tested positive for COVID-19 recently, that person must be cleared by your agency and health authority prior to attendance. TCI will not require documentation of these clearances at this time, we just request that you please follow all precautions to ensure the training environment does not promote the spread of COVID-19.

Tennessee Corrections Institute would like to formally congratulate Nashville - Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall for being sworn in as the 78th President of the National Sheriffs' Association on June 18th, 2019. Sheriff Hall is the first Tennessee Sheriff to hold the honored position of NSA President.

Daron Hall and William Wall
Sheriff Daron Hall and Deputy Director William Wall 6/18/2019
TCI Sign 2021
Thank you Perry County Sheriffs’ Department for the TCI sign which will be placed in front of our Nashville office. Sheriff Nick Weems and his jail staff worked with trustees to build this for us and it is very much appreciated. Photo to left TCI Deputy Director Bob Bass and on right Sheriff Nick Weems.

Below are pictures of the National Institute of Corrections' inmate behavior management course recently completed in Rutherford County. Thank you to the National Institute for Corrections, Rutherford County Correctional Work Center and Adult Detention Center for helping TCI provide progressive training to Tennessee's local jails and the jail administration team from Lafourche Parish, Louisiana!

inmate behavior management course
inmate behavior management course
inmate behavior management course

For the acclaimed tutelage and mentorship 2018 Facility Training Officer of the Year awards have bee presented to:

  • Facility Training Officers Stephanie Lewis of Putnam County
  • Jarrod Campbell of Van Buren County
  • Tesha Vaughn of Knox County

For pictures and more information click here.

For exceptional dedication and diligence the 2018 Jail Administrators of the Year awards have been presented to:

  • Frank Rezac of Carroll County
  • Joey Smith of Chester County
  • Doug Tackett of Montgomery County

For pictures and more information click here.