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Training Requirements

CO Basic

The 40 hour introductory training for correctional officers provided by T.C.I. which prepares a jail employee with the general and specific knowledge about the detention of prisoners in a local facility. A Correctional Officer must complete this course within 12 months of hire date, per Minimum Standard 1400-1-.03 (2).

CO In-Service

The 16 hour annual in-service training provided by T.C.I. made available to all certified Correctional Officers. This course must be completed to maintain certification, per Minimum Standard 1400-1-.03 (34).

Correctional F.T.O. 3-T (Train The Trainer)

The 40 hour required training course provided by T.C.I. prepares an officially certified Correctional Officer to become a more effective Training Officer.

Jail Issues Conference

The TCI annual statewide training conference designed for county, local, metro-government or municipal agency, or state personnel as it relates to correctional facility issues on an administrative or supervisory level. Participants include, but are not limited to, sheriffs, chiefs, jail administrators, county mayors, county finance directors, county building or construction managers or any other government official who deals directly with correctional facility issues. Participants receive 16 hours of in-service credit.

Correctional Facility Training Officers (FTO) Conference

The TCI annual statewide training conference designed for all personnel conducting training in any area of corrections for any agency. Participants receive 20 hrs of in-service credit.