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Solicitation FY24 Training Grant document

Scope of Services

FY23 TCI budget FY24

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FY24 Grant FAQ

 QCan we use grant funds to purchase used equipment?

A: Yes, but as with all grant equipment requests, it is
subject to approval by TCI.

 Q: Can we get a later contract start date than October 15, 2023?

A: Yes, you can upon request.

 Q: Will the grants have an advanced payment this year?

A: No. 

Q: Can we buy used equipment with the grant funds?

 A: Yes, but the serial numbers of any used equipment must be legible, and not damaged, missing, or obliterated in any used equipment.

Q: Can we use the grant to pay for smart boards that would benefit inmates?

A: No, the grant is for the training and certification of correctional officers. While there is no pro-rating restriction, one of the main uses of the equipment must be for correctional officer training. Grant funds cannot be used for the benefit of inmates.

Q: I was wondering if a restraint chair and/or parts for a
chair would be covered under this grant?


A: No.