FTACS Information

2022 TCI Jail Issues & FTO Conference is scheduled March 21 - 24, 2022! Agenda coming soon! Sign up in FTACS now!

We have officially been notified that the server for FTACS/Acadis is back online! The new web address to login to FTACS is:


Please save this for future login use, the previous site address is no longer valid. We will continue to notify you with rescheduled class dates as they become available.

For TCI BASIC trainings:     

  • Monitor your officers online progress by asking them to log in their FTACS https://tcitn.acadisonline.com/AcadisViewer/Login  so you can review them and take screenshots in the case of having to re-enroll them into another class due to cancellations.
  • If you have officers who are attending any trainings and that are unwell/sick, please reschedule them for another session.
  • Stay in touch with your local Detention Facilities Specialist/Manager. 

*Please note that TCI Instructors reserve the right to have an individual contact their Supervisor for rescheduling.*


If you have any questions feel free to contact TCI and/or your local Detention Facility Specialist in your region.