October 2013

Public Notice


Tab 1 - Minutes of August 2013 Meeting

Tab 2 - Commission Updates

Tab 3 - Outside Water Rate Setting

Presentations on Legislation Concerning Water and Sewer Rates for Non-Residents of Cities (House Bill 600 by Hill, T.)

Tab 4 - Insurance versus Surety Bonds Legislation

Presentations on Legislation Concerning Insurance in Lieu of Surety Bonds (Senate Bill 624 by Norris)

  • John Evans, President, Next Generation Underwriters, Risk Management
  • Brian Offmeister, Director of Policy Analysis, Department of Commerce & Insurance
  • Joyce Welborn, Legislative Auditor, Comptroller of the Treasury
  • Sarah Hiestand, Senior Counsel, Attorney General's Office
  • Jack Spann, President, Spann Insurance
  • Becky Brock, Director of Members Services, Local Government Insurance Pool
  • John Calvin, Director of Underwriting, TML Risk Management Pool

Tab 5 - State and Local Government Transparency—Final Report for Approval

Tab 6 - Municipal Boundary Changes and Comprehensive Growth Plans (Public Chapter 441, Acts of 2013)—Draft Report for Review and Comment