Due Dates and Tax Rates

Due Dates

Bottlers Annually, August 1
Utilities:  Gas, Water, Electric Annually, August 1
Vending Quarterly (November 1, February 1, May 1, August 1)
Mixing Bar Monthly, 20th day of the month

Tax Rates

Bottlers 1.9% of gross receipts
Utilities:  Gas, Water, Electric 3% of the gross receipts derived from intrastate business.  If you manufacture gas or distribute manufactured gas or natural gas, you must pay 1.5% of the gross receipts.
Vending Tax on gross receipts from machine product sales is 1.5% (for non-tobacco sales).  This only applies to sales merchandise valued at $0.25 or less from vending machines that benefit charities.  
Mixing Bar 15% of gross receipts