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If the last time you filed sales tax was 1/17, you need to create a TNTAP logon to file this year. Click here for more information.

County Clerk Resource Page

Note to website visitors:  This page is a resource for Tennessee's county clerks.  Information on this page is not intended for the general population.  Please do not use these forms to conduct tax-related or title and registration business with the Department of Revenue.

Please visit our Taxes or Title and Registration sections of the website to access the information you need.  You can also search for information in Revenue Help.  

Note: In order to view these videos, you must have Quick Time installed on your PC. The download is free from Apple's website. You do not have to enter an e-mail address for this download.

  • How to Use Title and Registration Reference Guide Video - This video provides an in-depth overview regarding the guide layout and various Vehicle Title and Registration topics that can be found within the guide. This tutorial also explains hyperlinks and the use of various "How to" Acrobat Reader functions including "search and find" methods. Video length - 11 minutes
  • Certificate of Tennessee Title Overview - This is the first in a series of County Clerk Tutorial Videos that will walk you through the basics regarding the examination of vehicle tile and registration documents. In this video you will learn about identifying information appearing on the front and back of the Tennessee Certificate of Title. Video length - 3 minutes
  • Certificate of Title Extension Form - In this video you will learn about licensed dealer reassignments and the supplemental use of the Certificate of Title Extension Form. Video length - 4 minutes