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City Officials Resource Page

Note to website visitors:  This page is a resource for Tennessee's local government and city officials.  Information on this page is not intended for the general population.  Please do not use these forms to conduct tax-related business with the Department of Revenue.

Please visit our Taxes section of the website to access the information you need.  You can also search for information in Revenue Help.  

NEW - 2018 Changes for Business Tax

Significant changes will happen in late May 2018 regarding issuing business licenses and using data from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Please review the documents below.  Assistance is available via Revenue Help. Submit an online help desk ticket and one of our agents will respond with an answer. You can also choose to contact the Department of Revenue by phone if you wish.

  • Business Tax for City Officials – This is an overview of the new changes coming to business tax licensing and administration beginning in late May 2018.
  • Business Tax Access Request Form – This form must be completed to gain access to data from the state for business tax administration and must be completed by any individual needing access to state business tax data.  If you currently have access to older existing systems, you must request access again to the new system by using this form.  All data is required and can only be accepted from designated city (county) officials that administer business tax for their local government.  Please email these completed forms to
  • Business Tax License Application – This form must be used for all applications received after May 23, 2018.  Any applications previously used can no longer be used as new specific registration data is required by TNTAP, the state’s filing and tax information system.  Officials will use data from these forms to key into their computers to register taxpayers directly with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Current Business Tax Resources – to be used only until May 24, 2018


Sales Tax Return Data - Sales tax data for your specific city. Separate password required to download data.