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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
Department of Revenue COVID-19 Updates
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Revenue Extends Certain Tax Filing Deadlines. Click here for more information.

Legal Resources

In its effort to promote voluntary tax compliance, the Department of Revenue is happy to provide a number of legal resources to taxpayers. For more information about each subject, click on the headings in the column on the left:

  • Tennessee Code Annotated and Revenue Rules: You can find links on this page to look up specific references in Tennessee law, as well as to view Department rules and regulations.
  • Important Notices: These notices, which are intended to provide general tax guidance and tax information to the public, are organized by tax type. Some taxes that have several notices listed beneath them are further organized by subject matter.
  • Tax Rulings: The tax rulings provided here are also organized by tax type. Within each tax type, the rulings are alphabetized by subject heading.
  • Legislative Summaries: The Department of Revenue provides short summaries of legislation that affects the Department each year.  The summaries listed for each year are also organized by tax type.
  • Tax Rates and Interest Rate: This section has information about each tax type at a glance.  You can find information about the current interest rate the Department of Revenue uses here, too. To read more about Tennessee taxes individually, please visit the Taxes section of our website.
  • Tax Manuals: Tax manuals are intended to be a more comprehensive resource for taxpayers who wish to gain a better understanding of Tennessee’s mostly commonly applicable taxes. They are designed to help taxpayers better understand the collection of remittance of select taxes and serve as an informal reference easily accessible via the Department’s website.