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Marketplace Sellers, Marketplace Facilitators & Out-of-State Dealers
Revenue Extends Certain Tax Filing Deadlines. Click here for more information.
If you are a single member LLC and received an assessment that you believe is in error, please call (615) 253-0700.

Due Dates and Tax Rates

Tax/Fee Who Pays? Tax/Fee Rate Due Date
Beer Barrelage Tax - Wholesaler
- Manufacturer operating as retailer
$4.29/31 gallon barrel Monthly, 20th of the month
Wholesale Beer Tax - Wholesaler
- Self-Distributing Manufacturer
$35.60/31 gallon barrel (Remitted to counties/municipalities Monthly, 20th of the month
Beer Manufacturer Registration Fee Manufacturer $40 Annually, Dec. 31
Beer Wholesaler Registration Fee Wholesaler $20 Annually, Dec. 31