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Tennesseans 12+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine
2021 Sales Tax Holidays Information Here


Most TNTAP features require a TNTAP username and password. To access an account in TNTAP, you will need to create a TNTAP logon and add access to your tax account(s). The checklist available below is a helpful tool to make sure you have everything you need to access your tax accounts. For taxes coming at the end of May 2018, we recommend completing your checklist in advance so you have everything ready once the tax is available.

       •TNTAP Checklist (Taxes)

       •TNTAP Checklist (Motor Carrier)

Click here to watch a video about setting up your TNTAP logon.

Already have a TNTAP logon? Click here for instructions about adding access to another account in TNTAP using your existing logon.

Once you’ve created your TNTAP username and password ("logon"), you are ready to log into TNTAP for the first time! See below for information and videos about logging into TNTAP and navigating your account.

The Department has many more resources for helping you file, pay, and perform other actions in TNTAP. Click here for access to all TNTAP guidance and videos.

Visit TNTAP here.