Conducting Fieldwork in a Pandemic

Article photo_1

Peggy Nickell surveying a c. 1890s residential building


Article photo_2

Kerri Ross conducting survey of Old Lebanon Cemetery. Earliest known grave is Elizabeth Marks Davis, 1816-1849. 


Article photo_3

Peggy Nickell standing beside Agnes Cheatham Higgs, 1872-1936, grave in the Roberts Cemetery.


Article photo_4

Kerri Ross investigating column materials of a c. 1900s Greek Revival residence.


Article photo_5

Kerri Ross taking in the view during the survey of an early 20th-century metal girder bridge. 


Article photo_6

Kerri Ross investigating the Whitesell Cemetery


Article photo_7

Kerri Ross training Hobart Akin from the TN State Parks Division to survey a c. 1890s Standard Oil commercial building.