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Information from TN Dept of Health about the Ongoing Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

HIV Prevention Community Planning

HIV Prevention Community Planning in Tennessee is based on a grassroots system that empowers stakeholders to voice how the state’s HIV Prevention Program spends federal dollars.

Each of the five regions around the state has a Regional Community Planning Group (RCPG). These groups meet regularly within their communities and have standing by-laws and operating procedures.

The meetings are facilitated by that region’s lead agency.

Each of the five RCPG groups elects four (4) members to serve on the Tennessee Community Planning Group (TCPG). This statewide planning group meets twice a year to work on the Comprehensive Plan, needs assessments and special projects. This group is responsible for prioritizing interventions and target populations that drive how the HIV Prevention Section allocates funding.

For information on joining your local community planning group (RCPG), please call HIV Prevention at 615-741-7500, or call the lead agent in your region.