Board of Social Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

♦    How do I create an online account?

·         The first time you access the Licensure and Regulatory System site, click on Begin Here for Sign-Up to create your account.  Even if you renewed online in the past, if you have not accessed the new system since it began March 23, 2018, then you will need to create an account.

·         Make your User ID something that you will remember, such as your email address.

·         If you applied for initial licensure online, you can use the same account to apply online to continue maintaining your license, including renewing.

·         When you create your account, you must add any other current license(s) you hold to the account if you are already a licensee.  If you do not add your current license(s) to the account, you will not be given any option except to apply for a new license.

♦     What can I do on-line?

·         After you create an account, please remember what User ID and Password that you used so you can access the system in the future.

·         There is a “Forgot Password” and “Forgot User ID” function if needed. Please try this before calling the board administrative office.

·         Change Of Address, includes email addresses.

·         Change your name with the Change of Name application.  You must attach your marriage certificate or divorce decree.

·         Request a duplicate wall license or renewal certificate.

·         We cannot accept debit/credit cards over the phone or in the office.  Payment is accepted online by debit/credit card or by e-check.  The address in the licensure system must match the address on the debit/credit card or you will get an error message and the renewal won’t be completed.

♦     Can a third party manage my professional license?

·         For this online system, only one account can be created for a professional license.  Once an account is created that links a professional license, the person creating the account will have access based on the id and password used to establish the account.  If done by a third party, the licensee, without knowledge of the user id and password, will not be able to manage their professional license using this online system.  During business hours, you can contact your board to disassociate your license from an online account established by a third party.   However, weekends and holidays may be particularly problematic if you do not know the account details to manage your license through this online system.  We do not advise management of your professional license by a third party. The law requires a licensee to maintain current information with their licensure board.  Failure to do so could result in a disciplinary action by the board.

♦    How will I know if my license has been approved?

·         You will be sent a letter of approval to sit for the ASWB exam, this letter will explain how to register/schedule your exam.

♦    How far in advance does my application need to arrive to go to the board meeting

·          The Board Policy requires LAPSW and LCSW applications by exam arrive in their entirety thirty day (30) prior to the board meeting.

♦    How do I get a license verification sent to another state?

·         If the state requesting the verification has an official form they want completed, complete your data (with your signature and date) first. Then, the form can be emailed or sent U.S. mail. The form will be completed and sent to the address listed on the form. If there is no form, we can send our standard license verification to the designated address as shown on your request. You may email your request to