Board for Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marital and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapists

Continuing Education

Failure to comply with continuing education requirements may result in disciplinary action against the licensee or registrant. The disciplinary action will be reported on the Department of Health license verification website.

Professional Counselors, Marital and Family Therapists and Clinical Pastoral Therapists are required to complete ten (10) clock hours of continuing education during each calendar year. Those persons who hold any two (2) certificates or licenses, i.e., professional counselor, marital and family therapist, and pastoral therapist SHALL COMPLETE THIRTY (30) CLOCK HOURS OF CONTINUING EDUCATION EVERY TWO (2) CALENDAR YEARS.  A PERSON WHO HOLDS THREE CERTIFICATES AND/OR LICENSES SHALL COMPLETE FORTY (40) HOURS CLOCK HOURS OF CONTINUING EDUCATION EVERY TWO (2) YEARS. IN EACH CASE AT LEAST TEN (10) HOURS SHALL BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE PRACTICE OF EACH PROFESSION FOR WHICH THE PERSON IS LICENSED OR CERTIFIED. Three (3) clock hours of the two (2) year clock hour requirement shall pertain to the following subjects: (i) professional ethics; and/or (ii) Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 63, Chapter 22; and/or (iii) Official Compilation, Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee, Chapter 0450-2.

Acceptable continuing education shall consist of master or doctoral level course work from a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education; attendance at educational events sponsored by national, state, regional, or local professional associations in the field; or events related to the practice of the profession for which a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education grants CEUs.

Each person must retain proof of attendance and completion of all CE requirements. This documentation must be retained for a period of four (4) years from the end of the calendar year in which the CE was acquired. This documentation must be produced for inspection and verification, if requested in writing by the board during its verification process. The board will conduct a randomly selected audit of individual records to assure that the CE requirements have been met. An individual's records may be audited during consecutive renewal periods. If audited, The individual must, within fifteen (15) working days of a request from the board, provide evidence of continuing education activities.

The board does not pre-approve CE programs. It is the individual's responsibility using his professional judgment, to determine whether or not programs are applicable and appropriate to his professional development and meet the standards outlined within the board's rules and regulations.

Whenever you have a question regarding continuing education, refer to Rule 0450-1-.12 or 0450-2-.12 or 0450-3-.12, "Continuing Education" or call the Board's Administrative Office at (615) 741-5735 and speak to the administrator of the Board.