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Medical Laboratory Board

Board Members

Medical Laboratory Board Members - Revised 01/15/2020

Member Name Position Representation Term Expires
Keisha N. Burnett, C.T. Board/P & E Committee Cytotechnologist 12-20
Tereyo M. Cox, M.T. Board/P & E Committee Medical Technologist- General 12-20
Gaye G. Jolly, M.T. Board Member Hospital Administrator 12-21
Mark A. Calarco, D.O. Board/P & E Committee Independent Laboratory Manager 12-20
Lee Anne Briggs, M.T. Board /P & E Committee Chair  Medical Technologist-Educator 12-22
Paul Fleming, M.T. Board P & E Committee Medical Technologist Supervisor  12-23 
Patti J. Walton, M.T. Board Chair/P & E Committee Hospital Laboratory Manager/Administrative Director 12-20
Carla M. Davis, M.D. Board Member Pathologist 12-21
Danielle Gibson, M.D. Board Member Pathologist 12-22
James W. Vaughan, M.D.  Board Member/P&E Committee  Pathologist/Educator 12-21 
Jon S. Parham, D.O. Board Member Physician(Non-Pathologist) 12-22
Lynn Stewart Board Member Citizen Representative 12-21 
Michael C. Johnson, M.T. Board Vice-Chair/P&E Committee Medical Technologist-General 12-23