HAI Prevention Calculator

The TDH HAI Prevention Calculator is provided by the TDH HAI Program to assist healthcare facilities in prioritizing HAI prevention activities. To use:

  1. Determine a time period and HAI of interest (e.g., quarter, calendar year, etc.)
  2. Select HAI from dropdown menu, or choose “custom target” and enter a target SIR
  3. Log into CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and obtain:
    • Number of infections for time period of interest
    • Number of predicted infections OR Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) for time period of interest
    • NOTE: For detailed instructions on obtaining your data, please see the following:
              CLABSI and CAUTI
              SSI (COLO, HYST, CABG)
              LabID Events (MRSA, CDI)
  4. Enter data into form
  5. Click “compute” to determine how many HAIs would have needed to have been prevented in order for the target SIR to be reached in the time period of interest

NOTE: This calculator is a tool provided for reference purposes only. Data are not stored or shared with anyone, including the Tennessee Department of Health. The accuracy of the results produced by this calculator is dependent upon the quality of the input data.