Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination Dashboard

Healthcare personnel (HCP) are at an increased risk of contracting influenza virus, and transmitting the virus to their patients, families, and co-workers. It is recommended that health care personnel receive an annual influenza vaccine as a method to proactively decrease influenza morbidity and mortality for themselves and those they serve. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires acute care hospitals to report facility-level data on healthcare personnel influenza vaccination rates to CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network. The tracking and reporting of HCP influenza vaccination status will assist healthcare facilities to identify and target unvaccinated HCP. The information below uses the data reported to NHSN to assess at the facility level, healthcare personnel vaccination rates annually comparative to the Healthy People 2020 influenza vaccination goals of 90%. Any facility or personnel type reported at or above 90% influenza vaccination rate is designated as met, those that fall below the 90% goal are designated as not met.

Data is current as of January 2023. If you have any questions regarding Influenza Vaccination, you can reach out to the Healthcare-Associated Infections team within the Tennessee Department of Health at