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Grantees for the State of Tennessee are required annually to submit an Information for Audit Purposes Form (IAP). Instructions to complete the form is included below:



Below are some common questions the CPO Grants Team has received concerning the Information for Audit Purposes form.

The Information for Audit Purposes Form is a form that collects information that allows the State of TN to track and report federal grant funds expended related to audit purposes. This form was previously split into the Notice of Audit Report and Parent Child Information forms. Excluding the State funding, the same information is asked of a Grantee on these forms as they were asked on the previous two forms. Now, a Grantee is able to submit your audit information to a central database instead of to each State agency with which you hold a grant contract(s). More information concerning these regulations can be found in section D.19 of your grant contract(s).

The IAP form is sent out 120 days before a Grantee’s fiscal year end. You have 30 days to complete and submit your IAP form into Edison. The form should be filled out relating to federal grant funds expended by the Grantee during your current FY up to that point. Another form will be sent out at the end of your fiscal year that will encompass the entire time period. 

Grantees have access to the IAP form through the Supplier Portal. You will need to sign in to their TN Access Account. If you have a TN Access Account active at the time of form generation, even an old one, the Grantee has to submit the IAP form through the Supplier Portal. If Grantees do not know their TN Access IDs, you can contact the CPO Systems Management Team for assistance. You can email them at or you can call them at 615-741-3333 and select the appropriate option.

If you don’t know your password, you can reset it by either clicking the “forgot password” link on sign in or by calling the Edison Help Desk at 615-741-4357. The reset email will be sent to the email account associated with each TN Access Account. This information can also be provided by the CPO Systems Management Team.

If you no longer has access to the email account associated with your TN Access ID, please create a new access account, then reach out to to request that the forms be regenerated. You must have a new TN Access Account created before contacting the CPO Grants Team. If you need assistance in creating a TN Access Account, you can follow along with this FAQ under the “Supplier Portal Questions” header.

Once logged on, Grantees can follow along with the attached job aid (IAP_Job_Aid – Grantee). Please note, due to an Edison update, the “Main Menu” link in the top left corner no longer exists. It was replaced with a NAV Compass Icon in the top right corner. You can click the compass icon, select “Menu,” and follow the same pathing as described in the job aid. You will need to click the “search” button to see your available audit form(s). If you have any questions relating to the information on the audit form, you can contact your Cognizant State Agencies.

Your Cognizant State Agency is the TN State Agency that has distributed the most grant funds to you. Their contact information can be found in section D.8 of your grant contract(s). 

The form may be inaccessible for multiple reasons. The most common reason is you are using a new TN Access ID, therefore eForms generated before your account’s creation are not available to you. If this is the case, please see the previous answer for further assistance.

The IAP Form asks for the federal grant funds expended by a Grantee in your current fiscal year to be reported. This includes all federal grant funds the Grantee has received from the State of Tennessee as a passthrough entity, any federal grant funds received directly from the federal government, any federal grant funds received from other passthrough entities, and any non-cash assistance related to a federal program. This can be directly from the federal government or from a passthrough entity like the State of Tennessee.

The form also requests the Grantee’s parent child information. A “parent” entity is defined on the form as an entity that can include another entity on their financial information. A “child” entity is defined on the form as an entity that can be included on another entity’s financial information. If you do not know whether or not your entity is a parent or child, we recommend you reach out to your legal or financial departments for further clarification as it is based on your internal structure.

You can contact your Cognizant State Agency for assistance in completing the IAP form. Your Cognizant State Agency is determined by the amount of grant funding they have distributed to you. If you do not know your Cognizant State Agency, you can contact for assistance. If you do know who your Cognizant State Agency is, you can find their contact information in section D.8 of your grant contract(s) with that TN State Agency.

Grant Funding Information


The State of Tennessee offers a vast array of grant funding opportunities. Whether it is improving the environment or creating jobs, these grant programs are committed to improving the lives of Tennesseans. This page details competitive grant funding opportunities offered by Tennessee state agencies.


Potential grantees are encouraged to view funding opportunities by state agency. All applications and selections are made by the state agency staff for the applicable program. While this page is updated periodically, potential grantees are encouraged to contact state agencies directly as funding opportunities often change.