GIS Data

The STS GIS Tennessee Imagery Program offers multiple ortho imagery products to serve the diverse community of users.  

More information at IMAGERY.TN.GOV.

LiDAR data products include: LiDAR Point Cloud, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Building Footprints, 3D Building Models, and Contour(Topo) data.

More information at LIDAR.TN.GOV.

Through the TN Emergency Communications Board (TECB), STS GIS is pleased to offer the ability to download Statewide Next Generation(NG) 9-1-1 Address Points and Road Centerlines.  For more information on this dataset and the TN NG 9-1-1 project please visit our NG 9-1-1 Project Page. This data also provides the foundation for several Location Services accessed via TNMAP Data Server Connection.

Parcel, Land Use Maps & Redistricting Data Downloads

Access to download Redistricting, Land Use Maps & Parcel Data

TNMap REST Services Directory

Connect to STS GIS data via GIS REST Services.

TNMap Data Server Access

Information on accessing STS GIS TNMap Services and Locators— via direct ArcGIS server connection with ESRI's ArcGIS Pro, or via the web using the TNMap REST Services Directory for WMS services.

State Agency Open Data Portal

STS GIS is pleased to offer access to GIS datasets from several state agencies.  Here you can search for, preview, and download their authoritative geographic data. is a project of the Tennessee Geographic Information Council (TNGIC) that provides access and links to a multitude of geographic data types from authoritative sources.  For more information about TNGIC, the state's GIS community, visit