Program Evaluations

The Office of Evidence and Impact (OEI) promotes and facilitates program evaluation to build evidence for state programs and policies. OEI's program evaluation initiative has three main components: managing the Statewide Learning Agenda, enabling program evaluations, and communicating evidence.

OEI is responsible for producing and maintaining a Statewide Learning Agenda—a strategic roadmap for evidence building to support the state’s priorities. Once completed, this site will host the Statewide Learning Agenda.

OEI also helps departments engage external research partners to evaluate state programs. In some instances, OEI can directly fund program evaluations to build evidence to inform the program's status as measured by the Tennessee Evidence Framework.

Finally, OEI is responsible for communicating key lessons from evaluations to state leaders and the public. OEI will publish briefs on key lessons from evaluations that the office funds, maintain a clearinghouse of evidence, and identify new opportunities for academic researchers to partner with state agencies to build evidence of state programs.