STS Policies

Security Policies are set to protect the State of Tennessee's information resource investments. The Strategic Technology Solutions (STS), acting as staff to the Information Systems Council (ISC), makes recommendations to the ISC which in turn sets these policies. 

Our Primary Mission: Protect Tennessee's Information Resources
Our mission is to ensure that the State of Tennessee’s information resources are adequately and appropriately protected against unauthorized access, modification, destruction or disclosure, while also making certain that authorized access is appropriately provisioned.

Our Primary Objective: Serving the Customer
Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of the State of Tennessee’s information resources through the advancement of the enterprise information security program. Maintain statewide minimum information security requirements for all State agencies.

Our Information Security Areas of Focus include: 
Policy and Program Administration  |  Consulting, Incident Response  |  Investigative Assists  |  Audit and IT Control  |  Education and Awareness.

STS Security Policy Documentation